Customers sometimes ask, “What makes this course different from other sales training programs?” Let’s look at some of the basics:

  • Lab-Specific Sales Modules
    Field management experiences within the lab industry form the basis of the sales modules. This program does not use an off-the-shelf text book.
  • Experience
    The president, Peter Francis, has spent his entire 48-year career in lab sales. He understands laboratory lingo, connectivity, courier logistics, PSC/phlebotomy issues, common objections, compliance, billing, etc.
  • Reasonable Fee Structure
    Many training companies establish their fees by charging thousands of dollars for each attendee. CLST, however, charges a reasonable professional rate, plus a nominal fee for each attendee. In addition, training companies typically rent a hotel conference room, requiring participant travel and associated costs. For CLST training, the client provides the learning center.
  • Beyond Strategies and Tactics
    Besides strategies and tactics associated with selling a lab service, the curriculum includes non-traditional subjects such as compliance and how to effectively build client relationships.
  • Webinars
    As an alternative to on-site training, the client may request a conference call for abbreviated training needs.
  • Coaching
    Mr. Francis makes himself available to spend time in the field with the representatives (or on the phone)—offering a method to fine-tune specific account strategies. Coaching provides a way for newer people to add skills, and it challenges the more senior reps to stay on top of their game.
  • Lab-Specific Publications
    Mr. Francis has authored numerous published articles pertaining to marketing lab services. Mr. Francis provided sections to Washington G2’s 2009 Guide to Laboratory Sales and Marketing.

In summary, Clinical Laboratory Sales Training, LLC, transcends the typical sales training course by instructing with proven lab-specific principles, conceived after many years of training and coaching sales people within the reference lab industry. It focuses on delivering results, rather than simply creating an event.