Better Relationships = More Business

Business runs on relationships. That means you can grow your business just by improving your rapport-building skills. We show you how to systematically create and maintain positive relationships—and make your business grow.

Sales Strategy

This session includes presentation, discussion, and workshop. Learn how to lay out all of your moves with each encounter. Knowing you have the right strategy in place is central to getting to a “yes.” If you fully understand the client’s situation, you can present the right message to the right person at the right time.

Sales Tactics

This session includes presentation, discussion, and workshop. Learn important face-to-face tips for when you’re engaging with prospects. Discover the “ask” techniques that move the relationship stepwise toward the benefits of your lab. Keep the relationship positive and close the sale without resorting to trite closing gimmicks.


1 hour presentation. This module reviews the compliance components that affect day-to-day client encounters. This background information is essential for everyone in the laboratory industry. Should the lab be audited, authorities like to see yearly sales compliance review has been given to all reps.

Compliance Topics

  • Federal anti-kick-back statute
  • False claims
  • Stark laws

Part-Time Manager

Many labs are small and do not have an experienced sales manager. Clinical Lab Sales Training offers someone who can evaluate call reports for efficiency and effectiveness, as well as provide coaching phone calls. This unique Part-Time Manager offering acts as an economical way to have an external sales manager at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent professional.