Clinical Laboratory Sales Training

Clinical Laboratory Sales Training helps laboratories grow their business by providing sales methodologies and background test information to individuals who call on physician offices and hospitals. With the lab industry valued at around $70 billion, it remains critical to have well-trained field people competing effectively within this highly rivaled market.

Excellence in Training

Clinical Laboratory Sales Training offers a comprehensive overview that helps elevate the representative into a knowledgeable and sophisticated marketing person. Power your sales culture with Clinical Laboratory Sales Training—a unique company that develops the people who develop your profits.

Videos by Peter Francis

Peter T. Francis of Clinical Laboratory Sales Training

In these short sales videos Peter explains how his course addresses sales strategy, sales tactics, sales compliance and ad hoc sales management.

Clinical Laboratory Sales Training, LLC, transcends the typical sales training course by instructing with proven lab-specific principles, conceived after many years of training and coaching sales people within the reference lab industry. It focuses on delivering results, rather than simply creating an event.