Lab Backgrounder is a free bi-monthly newsletter that alternates between sales-related topics and test/disease subjects. This maintains a nice balance while providing important tips and information to those in the laboratory industry.

Past Topics

  • Educating and Collaborating With Clients
  • Backtracking Into Basic Differences
  • New Guidance on Cervical Screening
  • Parathyroid Testing
  • Situational Fluency
  • Three Elements to a Winning Sales Approach
  • Lyme Disease


“Great Lab Backgrounder topic on building relationships – very keen insight you provided. This is an excellent reminder for me and has reshaped how I will spend my time. I have both won and lost accounts based off relationships. There’s something you mentioned that was very important: your relationship with not only the decision maker but everyone in the clinic. This specific issue should be addressed weekly for anyone in medical sales – whether a novice or a veteran. Thanks for putting these together, I always enjoy them.” — Scott L., Boise, Idaho

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